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Catalogue of packaging machinery structure and design

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Chapter 1 Introduction
section 1 concept and function of packaging machinery
I. concept of packaging machinery
II. Function of packaging machinery
section 2 characteristics and development direction of packaging machinery
I. characteristics of packaging machinery
II. Development direction of packaging machinery
section 3 composition of packaging machinery
section 4 Classification and model preparation of packaging machinery
I Classification of packaging machinery
II. Preparation method of packaging machinery model
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Chapter II overall scheme design
section I general process of packaging machinery design
I. overall design stage
II. Technical design stage
III. audit and appraisal
section II basic content of overall scheme design
I. determination of function and application scope
II. Process analysis
III Overall layout
IV. preparation of work cycle diagram
v. formulation of main technical parameters
section III overall scheme design examples
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Chapter III bagging machinery
section I overview
I. basic form and characteristics of packaging bags
II. Structure and working principle of typical bagging machine
section II design of bag former
I. overview
II Design of shaper
section III metering device
I. metering method
II. Typical metering device
Section IV bag sealing method and bag sealing mechanism
I. bag sealing method
II. Vertical packer
III. horizontal packer
Section V cutting device
I. hot cutting mechanism
II. Cold cutting mechanism
section VI traction, bag supply, bag opening device
I. bag traction device
II Bag feeding and bag opening devices
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Chapter IV filling machinery
section 1 overview
I. Basic Concepts
II. Classification of filling machines
section II filling and quantitative methods
I. filling methods
II. Quantitative methods
section III main structure and working principles of filling machines
I. feeding device
II. Bottle feeding mechanism
III. bottle supporting lifting mechanism
IV Filling bottle height adjustment mechanism
v. structure and working principle of filling valve
Section IV design of filling valve
I. general steps of filling valve design
II. Process calculation of filling valve flow path
Chapter V sealing machinery
section I overview
section II glass bottle sealing machine
I. structural principle of capping sealing machine
II Structural principle of capping sealing machine
III. structural principle of rolling thread sealing machine
IV. structural principle of edging sealing machine
section III metal container sealing machine
I. formation process of crimping
II. Motion analysis of crimping roller
III. structure of crimping mechanism
IV. motion design of circular tank crimping mechanism
v Adjustment of radial feed distance of crimping roller
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Chapter 6 wrapping machinery
section 1 overview
I. several typical wrapping methods
II. Characteristics of wrapping machinery
III. classification of wrapping machinery
section 2. Basic principles of typical wrapping machinery
I. folding wrapping machine
II. Seam wrapping machine
III Kink wrapping machine
section III reel material feeding device
I. intermittent feeding positioning cut-off
II. Continuous feeding positioning cut-off
Section IV wrapping actuator design
I. the actuator swings back and forth without stay
II. The actuator moves back and forth without stay
III. the actuator moves back and forth with stay
Section V application examples
I Composition and working principle of box transparent paper wrapping machine
II. Transmission system
III. main mechanism of the machine
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Chapter VII labeling machinery
section I overview
I. classification of labeling machinery
II. Basic process of labeling
III. labeling method
IV Main requirements of national standards for labeling machine
section 2 main mechanism and working principle of labeling machine
1. Label supply device
2. Label taking device
3. Printing device
4. Gluing device
5. Interlocking device
section 3 common adhesive Labeling Machine
1. Linear vacuum drum labeling machine
2. Rotary labeling machine
3. Pressure labeling machine
4 Rolling labeling machine
v. gantry labeling machine
VI. multi label box drum labeling machine
VII. Gland labeling machine
VIII. Pressure sensitive adhesive Labeling Machine
IX. shrink film sleeve labeling machine
X. RG self-adhesive automatic labeling machine
Section IV labeling machine design and calculation problems
I. suction calculation of vacuum drum
II. Design problems of rolling conveying device
III Motion calculation of labeling machine
IV. power calculation of labeling machine
Section V design example of labeling machine
I. design of high-speed full-automatic rotary labeling machine
II. Automatic labeling machine for small special-shaped bottles
Chapter VIII packaging and packing machinery
section I overview
section II types of cartons and selection of packaging machinery
I Type and selection of cartons
II. Selection of cartoning machinery
section III cartoning machinery and process route
I. filling cartoning machinery
II. Wrapping cartoning machinery
Section IV typical working mechanism of cartoning machinery
I. carton opening and forming mechanism
II. Main conveying system of cartoning machine
III. pushing mechanism
IV. manual conveying mechanism
v Box sealing device
Section V selection of corrugated box and packing machinery
I. characteristics of corrugated box and basic form of box structure
II. Technical standard of general corrugated box
III. classification of packing methods
IV. selection of corrugated box and packing equipment
section VI typical working mechanism of packing machinery
I. unpacking device
II Product arrangement and accumulation device
III. packing device
IV. sealing device
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Chapter IX other packaging machinery
section 1 overview
section 2 binding machinery
I. overview
II. Binding machine
III. binding machine
section 3 thermoforming packaging machine
I. overview
II. Packaging process flow and characteristics of full-automatic thermoforming packaging machine
III Working principle of automatic thermoforming packaging machine
IV. overall structure and design principle of automatic thermoforming packaging machine
Section IV heat shrinkable packaging equipment
I. overview
II. Basic performance of heat shrinkable packaging materials
III. typical heat shrinkable packaging equipment
Section V true air and inflatable packaging machinery
I. overview
II. Operating desk vacuum inflatable packaging machine
III Conveyor belt vacuum inflatable packaging machine
IV. calculation and selection of main parameters
section VI body fitted packaging machine
I. overview
II. Body fitted packaging process
III. typical body fitted packaging machine structure and technical parameters
Section VII packaging production line
I. overview
II. Process route and equipment layout
III Production capacity and buffer system design of packaging production line
IV. structure of some auxiliary devices of packaging automatic line
v. typical packaging automatic production line
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