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Can I bring roast chicken on the plane?

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roast chicken is not prohibited on the plane. You can carry it on the plane or check it in. The whole box of fruit can be consigned in cartons, but it must be well packed, well locked and firmly bound

articles that passengers are prohibited from carrying or consigning by plane:

1. Guns, military or police equipment (including main parts)

2. Explosives

3. Control tools

4. Inflammable and explosive articles

5. Poison. Cyanide, highly toxic pesticides and other highly toxic substances

6. Corrosive articles. Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, liquid storage battery, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, etc

7. Radioactive materials

8. Other articles endangering flight safety. Strong magnetized objects and objects with strong pungent smell that may interfere with the normal operation of various instruments on the aircraft

9. Other articles prohibited from carrying and transporting according to national laws and regulations

at the same time, passengers are not allowed to carry lighters and matches with them or carry them in their hand-held and baggage

extended data

Article 37 checked baggage must be well packaged, well locked, firmly tied, able to withstand certain pressure, and can be loaded, unloaded and transported safely under normal operating conditions, and shall meet the following conditions, otherwise, The carrier may refuse to accept the shipment:

(I) suitcases, bags and handbags must be locked

(II) more than two packages cannot be bundled into one

(III) no other articles can be attached to the luggage

(4) bamboo baskets, net bags, straw ropes, straw bags, etc. cannot be used as the outer packing of luggage

(V) the name, detailed address and telephone number of the passenger shall be indicated on the baggage. The weight and volume of checked baggage shall not exceed 50 kg and 40 kg respectively × sixty × 100 cm. Baggage exceeding the above provisions can only be checked with the prior consent of the carrier. The weight of self-care baggage shall not exceed 10kg, and the volume of each piece shall not exceed 20 × forty × 55 cm

the weight of carry on items is limited to 5kg per passenger. Each passenger holding a first-class ticket can carry two items with him. The volume of each carry on item shall not exceed 20 × forty × 55 cm. Carry on items exceeding the above weight, number of pieces or volume limits shall be checked as checked baggage

reference source: renmin.com – professionals analyze the regulations on carrying items by plane: large fruit knives can be checked

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Rules for passenger baggage transportation of civil aviation in China

go to Baidu app to view

 raw chicken and duck meat can be carried on domestic flights, but the packaging must be intact to prevent blood overflow. You can carry less than 5kg with you and choose to check more than 5kg. However, the problems in the cabin and cargo warehouse are 18 ~ 25 degrees, which is easy to deteriorate and damage. Seafood and other fresh foods must be processed before they can be carried. Water and ice are not allowed. The box must be leak proof

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it can be consigned or loaded on the machine in a carry on bag. The whole box of fruits can be consigned in a carton. It is best to tie it tightly with rope or rubber strip. It is not necessary to put it in a suitcase for consignment

aircraft can carry roast chicken
aircraft contraband:
the following are examples of contraband:
(a) firearms, including shotguns, air guns, Animal Anesthesia slaughtering machines, push guns, signal guns, rifles, ammunition, replica or imitation firearms and crossbows
(b) explosives, including military, commercial or self-made explosives, explosive devices, detonators, tear gas bullets, grenades, mines and other explosive ammo, copied or imitated explosives
or devices
(c) sharp or bladed objects, spring folding knives, gravity spring folding knives, short swords, daggers, broad headed machetes, other real or ritual knives, whether original or modified, that can cause injury to others, regardless of the length or type of blade, including scabbard knives, short swords, small sabers, razors, dissectors, ice cubes, swords, swords Umbrella, harpoon, spear or arrow with blade

(d) articles containing disabling substances, including tear gas, mace tear gas and all kinds of phosphite
(E) highly flammable substances (such as gasoline, lighter fuel, etc.)
(f) gas container and sprayer with capacity exceeding 500 ml.
(g) knuckle copper sleeve, bat, short stick and flail for threshing.

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