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Can HBV carriers engage in the food or pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry?

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I study packaging machinery. I wonder if I can go to a food factory or a pharmaceutical factory to do work related to the process of packaging machinery in the future?

if you are a virus carrier, you are not infectious
as long as the company approves, there is no problem
but many companies don’t want it.
it is recommended that you bring your inspection results and the company, explain the situation clearly and explain your situation.

Hello, labor law does not permit the rejection of hepatitis B virus carriers’ employment, but is restricted by catering, food, medical, preschool, medicine and so on. Br> your condition is not to go to a food factory or a pharmaceutical factory to do the work related to the packing machinery flow. This factory is strict in management of hepatitis B! Br>
what else is unclear? You can ask me at any time. I will give you a detailed answer with my many years of medical clinical experience
I wish you good health and all the best!
There are 5 routes of transmission of hepatitis B virus in
: first, blood transmission, such as blood containing hepatitis B virus. Second, close contact in life, such as sharing a lunch box, toothbrush, towel, razor, etc., but only if there is damage to the skin and mucous membrane; Third, sexual transmission, saliva, milk, semen, vaginal secretions, etc; Fourth, mother to child vertical transmission; Fifth, iatrogenic transmission, such as the use of unclean syringes, endoscope with lax disinfection and unsanitary tooth repair and filling
if there are good defensive measures (of course, this is necessary), such as gloves and headscarf, it is reasonable to say, but it is someone else’s business if they are not admitted.

it’s hard to avoid a wall. If you want to do it, try it. It’s not sure. The regulations of each unit are different. It’s better for foreign enterprises

1, I believe you also know that there is a health certificate in the catering industry or in the medical and health professions. It is not good for B people to have health certificates. The long-term support for
2 liver function is hepatitis B carriers. This is the definition of
3 precautions for carriers, which will be described later

1 do not change careers
2 do not consider doing B during physical examination or health certificate processing

What are the restrictions on B’s employment? (professional hepatitis B Forum – liver baby Forum provides)
is strictly restricted in some industries, such as catering industry, some service industries (hairdressing, pedicure, etc.), enlisted in the army, medical and health, kindergarten teachers and other industries, while other industries are not restricted. Carriers refer to surface antigen carriers with normal liver function. Generally speaking, liver function is normal during the 3 follow-up period of one year, and it can be identified as hepatitis B carriers. The state stipulates that employers should not refuse to hire HBV carriers. Of course, some industries mentioned above can not be involved. Br>
carriers with normal liver function are not recommended to be treated blindly. They mainly focus on regular inspection and maintenance, and actively participate in physical exercise to enhance their resistance

the reason why the carrier does not need treatment for the time being
the carrier shows that the liver inflammation is very light and the destruction of hepatocytes is very few. Liver function is normal, there is no need for treatment, but mainly regular inspection and maintenance, and actively participate in physical exercise to enhance resistance. The method is described later

the reasons why treatment is not recommended are as follows:
1 the treatment goal is not clear, and the existing treatment methods can not effectively kill the virus. Even antiviral treatment is also inhibiting virus replication. The patients with normal liver function are not the indications of antiviral therapy

2 blind treatment, the effect may not be very ideal

3 blind treatment will increase the financial burden and psychological burden, to combat patients’ confidence in hepatitis B treatment.

4 blind treatment has a certain chance of inducing acute attack of hepatitis, and early antiviral treatment. It will lead to early detection methods and intervals of drug resistance

hepatitis B (professional hepatitis B Forum – provided by liver baby Forum)
hepatitis B patients require a comprehensive examination every half a year, and patients in treatment are required to check every 3 months. The items to be examined include: liver function, DNA and two and a half (it is best to check the quantification of two and a half during treatment)! These three items are routine examinations. If it is a patient over 40 years old or a patient with mother to child transmission, B-ultrasound should be checked regularly, usually once every six months! If it is a patient with liver cirrhosis, it should be checked once every 3 months! For the initial treatment of anti-virus, routine examination should be carried out once a month after treatment. After three times, it can be changed to once every three months

hepatitis B health care to prevent: (professional hepatitis B forum liver baby Forum provide)
1 mentality better! A good attitude can fight against all kinds of diseases. Anger will affect endocrine disorders and abnormal hormone metabolism, which will have a certain impact on liver function
2 quit smoking wine! Strict abstinence is a must for hepatitis B patients, because the metabolism of alcohol is mainly through the liver, for those who already have hepatitis B, a drop of alcohol is redundant. Br> 3 regular diet and balanced nutrition! Ordinary diet should be light, diet should be regular, eat good breakfast, eat full lunch and eat less dinner, which is the main principle! Try to eat less at night and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables at ordinary times
4 participate in daily physical exercise * (appropriate)! Physical exercise can improve their own resistance, which is very helpful for the recovery of diseases. Patients with poor liver function can carry out a small amount of physical exercise, such as jogging, Taijiquan, etc., which is not suitable for strenuous exercise
5 daily rest problems! Rest is to be guaranteed. Enough rest can adjust the immune system of the body, so as not to reduce the resistance of the body due to long-term overload work! So enough sleep is also very important. Staying up late for hepatitis B patients and drinking is strictly prohibited. Staying up late for a long time will increase the burden of the diseased liver, which is easy to cause the deterioration of the disease
6 systematic and regular treatment! Hepatitis B is a disease that can not be cured at present. Focus on prevention, health care, of course, treatment is also necessary! Here, we suggest that you go to a regular hospital above class II and choose regular drugs. Don’t believe in false drug information such as “folk prescription”, “secret recipe”, “special medicine” and so on

professional hepatitis B Forum – liver baby forum.

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