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Calculation of box expansion drawing in packaging design

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just bring in the thickness of the paper, 1mm for thin corrugated paper and 3mm for thick corrugated paper. Because of the different box types, the folding times of some cartons are also different. The more layers of folding, the more thickness brought in
take the basic box type for example. Because both sides should be covered with 3mm thick dust wings, the back and the middle of the cover should be 3mm higher than the side, so that the middle of the cover will not be supplied because of the thickness, so as to ensure the squareness and preciseness of the box type. Similarly, due to the thickness of the tongue on the cover, 2mm should be left between the buckle of the dust wing and the edge line of the front. 3mm is not left because the elasticity of the paper is expected to make the tongue clamp tightly. If hard high-grade corrugated paper, 3mm can be left
if you know the packaging, you can understand it. If you are dizzy, search a basic box structure diagram, or make a sample yourself.

3D software can be used to expand the drawing.

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