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Business scope of China Packaging Federation

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1. Implement the national guidelines and policies for the packaging industry, and assist the relevant departments of the State Council in comprehensively carrying out the management and guidance of the packaging industry
2. Formulate the national five-year development plan for the packaging industry
3. Carry out industry wide investigation and research, and put forward opinions and suggestions on economic development policies and legislation
4. Carry out industry statistics and publish industry information with the consent and authorization of the competent government department
5. Establish publications and carry out consultation
6. Organize talent, technical and vocational training
7. Organize technical exchange meetings, exhibitions, etc
8. Participate in quality management and supervision with the consent of government departments
9. Guide and help enterprises to improve operation and management
10. Organize the appraisal, popularization and application of scientific and technological achievements
11. Carry out economic and technological exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad
12. Formulate and supervise the implementation of industrial rules and regulations, and standardize industrial behavior; Coordinate price disputes among peers and maintain fair competition
13. Reflect the requirements of members, coordinate member relations and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members
14. Authorized and entrusted by government departments, participate in the preliminary demonstration of major technological transformation, technology introduction, investment and development projects invested by the state or state-controlled enterprises
15. Entrusted by relevant government departments, organize and revise national and industrial standards, and organize their implementation
16. Entrusted by relevant government departments, participate in the issuance of industrial production and operation licenses, and participate in the qualification examination of enterprise product practitioners
17. Participate in and guide the construction of packaging product market
18. Develop industries and social public welfare undertakings
19. Undertake other tasks entrusted by government departments

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