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Buffer packaging design program of buffer packaging

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1. Fully grasp the characteristics of the product, including the weight, shape, size, material, location and nature of vulnerable parts, natural frequency, product use purpose, strength, surface condition and position of protruding parts of the product shell
2. Find out whether there are accessories packaged with the product. If so, find out the relevant information, whether the product needs separate packaging or inner packaging, and the quantity of products inside
3. Understand the external force, transportation mode, climatic conditions, environmental conditions, storage conditions and storage time of packages in circulation
4. Determine the overall structure of packaging, which depends on which packaging technology to adopt, and then determine the level of packaging structure
5. According to the product characteristics, select the cushioning materials that can meet the requirements and are economical, and determine the way and size of the cushion
6. Determine the fixing method of the contents in the package, which must be firm and stable
7. Calculate the packaging material cost and processing cost, and evaluate whether the design is economical and reasonable
8. Conduct packaging test to check whether the cushioning and shockproof performance of P packaging meet the design requirements

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