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Brief introduction of weighing particle packaging machine

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the weighing particle packaging machine was first issued to Xinxiang weighing instrument factory by the Ministry of light industry (the old Ministry of light industry) in 1994, which was a high-tech project at that time
therefore, the technicians of the weighing instrument factory were the first people to come into contact with this technology at that time but also because of this opportunity, they came into contact with and learned first-hand technology
until 1998, the project was stopped because of the backward technology and the recession of the packaging machine industry market
in addition to the restructuring of state-owned enterprises at that time and the economic crisis in 1998, the weighing instrument factory was also unable to support the continued development of the project
finally in 2003, the weighing instrument factory officially announced the cancellation of this project
as some technicians who first came into contact with this project Seeing the broad prospects of this project, we will continue to adhere to the research and innovation of this technology
through unremitting efforts and persistence, they created the first weighing particle packaging machine
LCS-1 weighing and packaging machine
therefore, most of the technology of weighing particle packaging machine now comes from these technicians
the weighing particle packaging machine we see now is basically based on it
the weighing particle packaging machine mainly takes assembly as the programming language. A mechatronics equipment with 51 single chip microcomputer group as the carrier. The main working principle is shown in the figure

according to the classification of the equipment, the scale bucket can be divided into single scale, double scale, four head scale, six head scale and other multi head scales
the most common and commonly used are single scale and double scale
multi head scales such as four head scale and six head scale are mainly used to match the full-automatic weighing and packaging unit made by bag making machine. It is not common in daily life and production. Of course, its price is also relatively higher than that of single scale and double scale

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