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Body fitted vacuum packaging machine, what is body fitted packaging

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the body fitted packaging machine is: heat and soften the body fitted packaging film and cover it on the product and the bottom plate. At the same time, use vacuum suction under the bottom plate to form the body fitted film according to the product shape and paste it on the bottom plate (color printing paper card, corrugated board or bubble cloth, etc.). After packaging, the product is tightly wrapped and bound between the body film and the bottom plate, which is used for commercial elevator visual display packaging or industrial shockproof protection packaging. Strong stereoscopic sense, good visual display effect and good sealing protection It can effectively prevent moisture, dust and shock. It is widely used in hardware, measuring tools, toys, circuit boards and other electronic components, automobile and locomotive parts, hydraulic and pneumatic components, decorations, ceramic and glass products, handicrafts, food and other industries. Shenzhen Hong Kong Zhongxian Equipment Co., Ltd. Miss Zhang

body fitted vacuum packaging (body fitted packaging) is an internationally popular high-grade packaging method of vision department. Fengyuan /Fengyuan vacuum body fitted packaging machine is used to heat and soften the transparent vacuum body fitted packaging film or DuPont sarin film, Using the vacuum suction of the body fitted vacuum packaging machine, the transparent body fitted upper film is tightly blistered and pasted between the product surface and the bottom paper card or bubble film or food body fitted box. The upper Fengyuan body fitted packaging film is tightly pasted on the product surface like the skin. The very good visual 3D display effect is widely favored by consumers and supermarket stores. For more details, please click the image in the upper left corner to understand

there are basically three packaging forms of body fitted vacuum packaging:

1. It is used for the vacuum body fitted packaging of seafood and aquatic products such as salmon and shrimp, cold fresh meat, beef steak, cooked food, durian and other fruits: it has good visual display function and body fitted high barrier fresh-keeping and fresh-keeping function

2. It is used for the transportation protection packaging of industrial spare parts such as circuit board, radiator and magnetic core: it can tightly play the fixed protection function, play the transportation protection, and safely enter the next production link

3. Commercial visual display packaging for hardware, saw blade, drill bit and other tool hardware, decoration hardware, furniture hardware, etc.: it is mainly used to improve the visual beauty and value grade of products

body fitted packaging is a new packaging situation popular in the international market in recent years. It is also a novel packaging technology. Vacuum body fitted packaging, & nbsp; Also known as body fitted vacuum packaging, & nbsp; Or vacuum tight packaging, & nbsp; Firstly, the transparent vacuum body fitted packaging film is heated and softened and covered on the surface of the packaged product. At the same time, the body fitted film is formed according to the product shape by vacuum suction and pasted on the packaging matrix (such as paperboard or film /bubble diaphragm, etc.). In this way, the product is tightly fixed between the upper film and the substrate to achieve the best transparency effect and vacuum protection (fresh-keeping) effect

vacuum body packaging machine is a vacuum sealing packaging machine for unformed articles. The machine has advanced design, reliable performance, compact structure, beautiful appearance, wide vacuum range and convenient use and maintenance. It is an ideal vacuum packaging equipment. After the articles are placed on a special tray, plate paper or film for body fitting packaging, a three-dimensional packaging effect is formed to improve the shelf grade and achieve the purposes of oxygen isolation, fresh preservation, moisture-proof, poison prevention, rust prevention, corrosion prevention and pollution prevention, so as to effectively prolong the shelf life and facilitate storage and transportation
many businesses have launched body fitted packaging. Compared with a beef product promoted by the former Horqin cattle owner, they all adopt innovative body fitted packaging technology, which completely sticks to the meat with film to keep the beef fresh and quality in a vacuum environment. Horqin’s beef is processed by high-pressure vacuum and can maintain fresh quality for a long time. With the help of body fitted packaging, high barrier and full sealing, the 0-4 ℃ cold and fresh environment can further lock the freshness, tenderness and juiciness of beef.

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