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Australia’s top 10 cosmetics brands and health nutrition brands!

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Top 10 cosmetics: 1) Oriflame 2) artistry 3) Mary Kay 4) Avon 5) MAC Cosmetics 6) l’or é al 7) Estee Lauder
8) Revlon 9) Clinique
10) The top ten of LR health products are: Australia’s largest health products company, known as “the father of Australian health products”. ­ Founded by British immigrant Maurice Blackmore (Maurice Bremer, 1906-1977) in the 1930s, with forward-looking health concept and enthusiasm, the enterprise has become the first healthy food brand in Australia and has been standing for more than 70 years. Convinced that herbs and minerals can promote health, Maurice Blackmore has developed a series of medical systems based on natural therapy. His views on natural health, preventive medicine, environment and resource regeneration were quite radical in the 1930s. His efforts have opened another door to health for disease treatment and effective health promotion. In addition, Maurice Blackmore established Australia’s first health food store in Brisbane in 1938, and cooperated with colleagues and friends to set up a natural therapy college and association in Australia. Today, his belief is still convincing, and many naturopaths have incorporated his theory into their training courses. After 70 years of hard work, ­ It has grown into the most trusted life technology health food company in Australia and the world.
Health care: health care is a high-end health care brand produced by natures care. Nature care natural health care and skin care products manufacturing plant is located in the north of Sydney, Australia. It is a high-tech manufacturing plant mainly producing healthy food and natural organic skin care products, and the equipment is fully in line with cGMP (current good) under the strict control of the World Health Organization ­ And employ a number of biochemical experts, nutritionists and dermatologists in Australia to carefully develop effective and unique formulas with advanced technology and using Australia’s unique natural organic resources. Efamol: Efamol is a famous company focusing on the development and production of fatty acid nutritional products. It has been guiding the development and application of international fatty acid research. Efamol began to develop evening primrose oil capsule as early as 1978. It is a health care product commonly used by women to treat premenstrual syndrome in the UK. It is a necessary but not self-made fatty acid for the human body, which has a good regulatory effect on the physiological function of the human body. Evening primrose oil capsule contains fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals and trace linolenic acid (GLA), known as prostaglandins, which can effectively help maintain the balance of hormones; GLA can help to provide fatty acid essence, repair skin cell membrane, and maintain healthy skin. Vitamin E is a major antioxidant that supplements your daily needs and is also effective in keeping your skin healthy. Not suitable for vegetarians. This product does not contain sugar, sodium salt, starch, preservative and pigment.

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