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I’m a candidate from Anhui. Some people say that Anhui’s junior college is not good. It’s best to take the exam from other provinces
please tell me (in terms of teaching quality and environment). Is that so

I don’t say that much. Are you near Hefei? If it’s convenient, you can go to Anhui Transportation Vocational and technical college. I graduated from that school. I mainly majored in engineering, such as road and bridge, engineering cost, supervision, automobile and so on. The Faculty of our school is still very good, although the school is small. You can take 902 from the railway station, long-distance bus station and Hefei bus station to hejiafu supermarket. It’s also good to have a look

what others say may not be accurate. Let’s see for ourselves

the best of Anhui junior college is Wuhu Vocational and technical college, a National Model Higher Vocational College and the only one in Anhui. Have industry university research relationship with Chery and others, and have good employment. The science and engineering majors of other colleges in the province are not bad, and some specialties are also very good. Next, I’d like to introduce some specialties with characteristics outside the province for reference: the joint construction of provinces, ministries and social organizations

Changsha civil affairs vocational and technical college

the “only” identity

Changsha civil affairs vocational and Technical College is jointly built by the Ministry of civil affairs and the people’s Government of Hunan Province, mainly managed by Hunan Province. It is the only state-owned public institution of higher learning in the civil affairs system in China


Changsha civil affairs vocational and technical college plays a role of “domestic demonstration and international window” in Higher Education of civil affairs and social work in China. Changsha civil affairs school was founded in 1986 and upgraded to Changsha civil affairs vocational and technical college in 1999

own strength

the college adheres to market-oriented, civil affairs oriented, society oriented, open school running, pays attention to cultivating students’ creative ability and innovative spirit, and teaches students to learn to learn to learn, survive, create and be a person. The college has 11 teaching departments, including the Department of civil affairs, the Department of social work, the Department of funeral, the Department of rehabilitation medicine, the Department of economy and trade, the Department of electronics and the Department of art and design. It has 47 majors and professional directions, including civil affairs management, social work, elderly service and management, drug rehabilitation, modern funeral technology and management, e-commerce, applied electronic technology, computer network technology and environmental art design, including 12 national key construction majors, There are a number of key construction majors in Hunan Province, 24 supporting majors, and enrollment is nationwide

the Department of social work is the largest department of social work in China. Geriatric service and management specialty is the earliest characteristic specialty in China, among which the geriatric nursing simulation training base is the first in China. Community rehabilitation specialty is the earliest in China and enjoys high popularity in the country. Labor and social security major is the longest running major among similar majors in China and an excellent major at the provincial level. The major of civil administration is the longest running major of the college and the national pilot major of teaching reform. The principle of civil administration is a national excellent course. The specialty of modern funeral technology and management is one of the most civil affairs specialties first established by the college. Secretary major is the only key secretary major in National Demonstration Higher Vocational Colleges. E-commerce major is one of the earliest e-commerce majors in China. It is the deputy director unit of e-commerce and logistics professional cooperation committee of China Higher Vocational Education Research Association and the Secretariat unit of provincial vocational skill appraisal e-commerce professional committee. Business English major is the testing and training center of “International Business English level certification examination” of the Ministry of Commerce in Hunan Province. Applied electronic technology is the only major in Hunan Province that cooperates with Haier Group and is an excellent major at the provincial level. The major of civil administration is a national teaching reform pilot major, and the two majors of community construction and management and computer application are provincial teaching reform pilot majors. The college has established four professional websites: China love.com, China Civil affairs.com, China social work.com and China funeral.com

the college has established a good cooperative school running relationship with the civil affairs industry and large enterprises such as Haier Group, LG, Philips Group, Chuangzhi group and Huawei Group. Implement the system of “double certificates” and “multi certificates”, and strengthen the management of practical teaching links such as practical training and practice. In recent years, students majoring in environmental art and design won the gold medal at the second China International Cultural Industry Expo, business English students won the first prize in the 2006 CCTV oral English competition, and e-commerce students won the silver medal in the national e-commerce competition for two consecutive times. In recent years, the one-time employment rate of graduates has reached more than 90%, and the satisfaction rate and job competency rate of social employers for graduates in recent three years are more than 90%

Shanghai Publishing and Printing College

the “only” identity

Shanghai Publishing and printing college is jointly built by Shanghai and the State Press and publication administration. At present, it is the only college in China that specializes in cultivating technical talents in the publishing and printing industry


Shanghai Publishing and printing college is a multi-disciplinary college integrating industry, culture and art, mainly focusing on printing and publishing. Founded in 1953, it was the only printing school in China at that time. It was upgraded to college in 1987. In 1988, the school was named Shanghai Publishing and printing college. In 1992, it was renamed Shanghai Publishing and printing college. In 2000, the management was changed from the administration of press and publication directly under the State Administration of press and publication to the localized management, which was under the management of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and jointly built by Shanghai and the State Administration of press and publication. In 2003, it was under the management of Shanghai University of technology and established the school of publishing and printing of Shanghai University of technology. At the same time, it still retains the establishment of Shanghai Publishing and Printing College, and recruits junior college students every year

its own strength

the school has departments such as the Department of printing and packaging engineering, the Department of publishing and communication, the Department of printing equipment engineering, the Department of art, the Ministry of Chinese Foreign Cooperation Education (in cooperation with Rochester University of Technology), the printing training center and so on. The specialties offered include 20 specialties (directions): printing technology, printing graphic information processing, packaging technology, packaging and printing management, publishing and computer editing technology, electronic publishing, exhibition planning and management, publishing business, printing equipment enginee
ring, mechatronics technology, applied art design (printing art design), among which the printing technology specialty is the pilot specialty of higher vocational education and teaching reform of the Ministry of education

in addition to the basic teaching laboratory, printing technology, printing suitability, printing color, printing materials, photographing technology, graphic information processing, network publishing, automatic printing control, digital printing and other professional laboratories, the school also has four-color offset press, two-color offset press, flexo, gravure and screen printing equipment imported from Italy. The printing graphic information processing center has been equipped with laser Phototypesetter (equipped with a full set of PS precision Chinese character library and raster image processor), high-end color printer, digital camera, high-precision scanner, digital printer and more than 200 pcs and Macintosh computers

the school compiled and published the publication publishing and printing, and presided over the publication of the Encyclopedia of China’s printing industry; He has compiled and published more than 10 kinds of college textbooks such as principles of printing technology, plate making optics, printing chromatics, printing machine structure and so on

in 1987, the school established the “Sino Italian printing training center”, which not only undertakes the internship tasks of students in various majors of the school, but also undertakes the teacher training of national publishing, printing technical secondary schools and technical schools and the on-the-job training of on-the-job employees in the printing industry. It is the talent training base of the press and Publication Administration in the south of China. The school has advanced offset printing, screen printing, flexographic printing machinery and technology provided by the Italian government. At present, the Italian government has also sent expert teachers to teach and work in schools for a long time

Shanghai medical device college

the “only” identity

Shanghai medical device college is jointly built by the central government and Shanghai. It is the only college in China that has set up independently to train engineering and technical talents of medical devices and pharmaceutical equipment


Shanghai medical device college was founded by the Ministry of health in 1960, led by the state medical administration since 1981, and managed by the Shanghai municipal government since 2000. In 2003, with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal People’s government, the school was under the management of Shanghai University of technology. While continuing the junior college level education, the school of medical devices and food of Shanghai University of technology was established, with different levels of academic education in the direction of medical devices and food, including junior college, undergraduate, master and doctoral students

its own strength

the school has 11 functional departments, including precision medical equipment department, medical electronic information department, medical imaging equipment department, management department, basic department and graphic information center. The specialties offered by the school are mostly combined with the unique medical device expertise of the school, which has distinctive professional characteristics in China. Among them, medical imaging equipment, medical electronic instruments and pharmaceutical equipment belong to the pilot majors of junior college teaching reform approved by the Ministry of education; The specialty of clinical engineering technology is a Sino Japanese cooperative school running specialty, which fills the gap in China. The school has more than 10 professional laboratories, including medical device engineering experiment and training center, medical electronic information engineering experiment and training center, medical image engineering experiment and training center, pharmaceutical equipment experiment and training center, etc

in its development, the school has made positive contributions to the cause of human health and the development of China’s medical device industry and pharmaceutical equipment. The quality of students is good, the employment rate of graduates is high, and the social popularity and satisfaction are continuously improved, which is deeply welcomed by employers. The average employment rate of graduates has reached more than 96%, and has remained at the leading level of similar colleges and universities with a high employment rate in recent years

Hunan Vocational College of science and technology

“unique” identity

Hunan Vocational College of science and technology is sponsored by Hunan China Vocational Education Society. It is the only public higher vocational college in the national China vocational education society system jointly built by Hunan Provincial People’s government and China Vocational Education Society


in 2001, the staff University of Hunan Provincial Department of light industry, Hunan Provincial School of light industry, Hunan Provincial School of Arts and crafts and Changsha coal safety technology training center were merged and upgraded to Hunan Vocational College of science and technology. In 2003, Hunan University of Industrial Science and technology workers and Hunan second light industry school were incorporated into Hunan Vocational College of science and technology. In the same year, the college was approved by the Ministry of education as the only one of the first batch of colleges and universities to pilot the national demonstration software vocational and technical college in Hunan Province. In 2005, the college passed the evaluation of talent training level of Higher Vocational Colleges of the Ministry of education and won the excellent grade. In 2007, the college became the construction unit of Demonstration Higher Vocational Colleges in Hunan Province

our own strength

the college is located in Changsha, a famous historical and cultural city and the capital of Hunan Province. The campus environment is quiet and elegant. It is an ideal garden for reading and studying. The college has 7 departments of software technology, art design, light chemical engineering, electromechanical engineering and technology, electronic information engineering and technology, economic and trade business and music, and has opened 39 majors and professional directions, forming a professional category focusing on electronic information and art design media and a professional layout of coordinated development of industry, culture, economy and management


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