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? That brand of vacuum machine is good

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I don’t know what this comes from, but if you ask for brand information, I think there is a place where you may have the information you want, such as maigoo brand ranking network, which recommends good brands and top ten brands. You can go to see if there is the brand information you want when you are free. It’s not clear that ordinary people are not professional, It’s better to find a good one by yourself.

go to Baidu app to view

 1. Blueberry vacuum machine 

 the blueberry vacuum machine is controlled by microcomputer and has the functions of vacuum, sealing and cooling at one time. For different packaging materials and different packaging requirements, the vacuum degree, heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time of the machine are adjusted to achieve better packaging effect. It is an ideal small vacuum inflatable packaging machine at present

 2. Bleuets vacuum machine 

 the V-shaped vacuum chamber sealing strip of bleuets vacuum machine is made of high-density materials, which ensures the sealing performance of the machine in daily work. The pressure resistance and wear resistance of the materials prolong the service life of the sealing strip, reduce the replacement times and reduce the production cost. The high-quality plexiglass vacuum cover is firm and transparent, which can give a panoramic view of the packaging process and condition of the packaging materials in the vacuum chamber

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I bought a xinweichuang vacuum packaging machine. The effect is OK. You might as well have a try.

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